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  • Émilie Lovitt

When the month of October shows up on our calendars, the cold winds bring a beautiful change into our lives. The summer season is over, and we start cocooning in the warm and gentle idea of Fall. Fall in Canada is an amazing season. The trees burst into color, winter sports begin, and we trade up our sandals for boots.

Transitioning a wardrobe from a drastic temperature change is a challenge each year. Although trying new styles is one of the beauties of fashion. Having staple pieces in your closet, that you can keep each season, is essential to creating a timeless look.

If you are looking for a chic and classic look this fall and winter, keep reading as I will be sharing some of my top 5 essential pieces that should be in your closet.

The leather jacket.

The leather jacket is one of those pieces that always seem to stay in style each year. Whatever the cut, this piece goes amazing for day walks or a night out. It is a great piece that can be incorporated into everyone's closet no matter their style. Additionally, it is very easy to find good-quality leather at second-hand vintage stores. Which would mark down the price from a brand new jacket. I recommend opting for vegan leather, as it is a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice.

Nylon tights.

Nylon tights are an understated closet staple that we often forget about. A good way to transition some of our summer dresses into fall is by adding a nice pair of black nylon tights. Unless you live in a warmer area, wearing skirts or dresses in the fall usually means you are ready to embrace the cold all day. Adding a pair of nice tights to your outfit is a good way to add some warmth to it, as well as adding some flare to it. Nowadays, there are all different sorts of tights made. You can find some with prints, designer monograms, or bold colors. I recommend starting with a pair of black tights, as well as a pair that matches your skin tone.

The silk dress.

Whether your silk dress is maxi, midi, or mini, it is a timeless dress that can be worn on almost any occasion. Accompanied with a good pair of tights, this iconic 90's classic will come in handy on any given day. You will not regret having this piece in your closet, as it will be worn more than anticipated. I recommend getting a simple muted color that you can spice up with accessories. There is no reason to get one with heavy patterns in the fall as it will most often be covered up with a jacket.

The boot.

Whatever brand you choose to go with, a good fall boot is essential in Canada. Before the snow hits, there is a time where the ground is too cold for sneakers, but not cold enough for those heavy winter boots. I would recommend a black, leather shoe, as these can be worn with any look. I love wearing my Doc Marten's in the fall. There are many similar models to these in different price points. When buying a good boot like this, it is important to invest in a good shoe, as you will be wearing them for many years.

The knit sweater.

Fall is known as sweater weather. So obviously I had to include this classic staple into my list. All though I love rocking hoodies, there is nothing more essential than having a crew-neck, cable-knit jumper. No matter what color, pairing this staple with any outfit brings a warm aspect to it. It is THE perfect piece to layer with. There are so many different ways to style this sweater, and no matter the personal style it is going to look good.

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